Mathabah Institute

Department of Research

This department is dedicated to analyzing and critiquing traditional works on the various fields of Islamic study. Works will be produced in which past perspectives on a particular issue will be explored, and new perspectives will be tabled thus serving as a healthy resource for traditionally trained scholars and qualified academics alike. Through this department, the Mathabah Institute wishes to create a healthy environment of dialogue on the areas of its research. It also wishes to provoke thought on how to contextualize and apply Islam among Muslim minorities living in secular societies. The Institute hopes that it's works will serve as a catalyst, at the very least, for advancing the existing sciences of Islam.
The department will be carrying out research in the following fields:
1. Theology
2. Ethics (Fiqh)
3. Exegesis (Tafsir)
4. Tradition (Hadith)
5. Arabic Linguistics
6. History
7.  Hermeneutics (Usul al-Tafsir)
8. English translation
Anyone who wishes to write a paper on a given topic among the aforementioned fields should send a request to
Department Director: Sh. Uthman Khan
Department Supervisors: Mufti Muhammad Bholat, Sh. Yusuf Badat, Sh. Omar Subedar.