Mathabah Institute


Supporting each other today for a better tomorrow

Since its inception, the Mathabah Institute has been committed to offering hassle free, easy to manage classes for Islamic learning to aspiring adults. Dozens of people have benefitted from our classes and programs, and steadily, the Mathabah mission is growing and expanding. Growth is a beautiful thing for any organization that is committed to serving the community however, it can become limited when facing certain hurdles and challenges.

While the Institute continues to offer more ground breaking courses and unique programs, it is running into certain financial hurdles that can be removed by the help of Allah, and the support of the very community it is committed to serve. We would thus like to announce our $10K Campaign. By raising this relatively small amount, we will be able to:

  • Sponsor certain students with financial constraints
  • Purchase materials and develop our Islamic Research Center
  • Manage our rent and maintenance costs
  • Running our monthly community events (Connections)

Your support will help us propel our operations and mission tremendously. Allah has stated, “The example of those who spend their money in Allah’s way is like a seed that grows seven spikes. Each spike contains 100 grains. Allah multiplies [His compensation] for whoever He likes. Allah is All-Encompassing and Ever-Knowing.” (Surat al-Baqarah 2:261)

Allah also states, “Whatever you spend, He will replace it. He is the best of providers.” (Surat Saba’ 34:39). In other words, when you spend one dollar, Allah will reward you as if you spent $700 at the bare minimum, and He will give you more to spend in this world as a replacement for what you spent for your hereafter. Therefore, contribute today, and together we will be able to bring back excellence into our communities.

Donate for the future of the Institute.