Mathabah Institute


Shaykh Mohammed Omar Subedar

Director of the Mathabah Institute / Instructor

Mohammed Omar Subedar was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. In 1990, he enrolled in the Institute of Islamic Education located in Dewsbury, W. Yorkshire, United Kingdom. There, he became a ḥāfiẓ of the Qurʾān in 1993. In 2001, he graduated from a seven-year dars-i niẓāmī program offered by the same institute. He was thus conferred the title of Scholar of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Literature.

This seven-year program covered:

– Arabic grammar (naḥw), morphology (ṣarf), rhetoric (balāghah), vocabulary
and literature
– Islamic creed (ʿaqīdah)
– Exegesis (tafsīr) of the Qurʾān and the principles (uṣūl) of exegesis
– Prophetic traditions (aḥādīth) and the principles (uṣūl) of ḥadīth studies
– Islamic law (fiqh) according to the Ḥanafī School (madh’hab)
– Comparative studies of the four schools of Islamic Law (Ḥanafī, Shāfiʿī, Mālikī
and Ḥanbalī) and the principles of jurisprudence (uṣūl al-fiqh)
– Islamic history
– Pronunciation of the Qurʾān (tajwīd) according to the 10 major styles of
recitation (qirāʾāt).

Currently, Mohammed Omar Subedar serves as:

– The Director of the Mathabah Institute.
– The CEO of Bukhari Publications
– The COO of the Halal Monitoring Authority
– A khaṭīb at the Islamic Society of Peel

He has authored:

– The Commentary on Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī
– Rethink your World
– How to Live the Life of the Prophet (peace be upon him)
– The First Steps in Practising Islam

He lives with his family in Brampton, Ontario.

Shaykh Yusuf Badat

Founder and Instructor

Shaykh Yusuf Badat is the main Imam and ‘Director of Religious Affairs’ at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto. Shaykh Yusuf Badat also serves as a teacher for Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quranic Studies and World Religions at the Islamic Foundation School.

Shaykh Yusuf Badat has served as Imam since 1999 at Masjid Anwarul Islam of Malton (Masjid Saliheen) in Mississauga, Canada. He has also been an instructor at the Toronto Shariah Program and the Uloom Program. Shaykh Yusuf Badat is the founder and director of Mathabah Foundation. He is an active executive member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians CCMT.

He lives in Toronto with his wife and two children. Shaykh Yusuf Badat was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He has studied under some great scholars, receiving several formal authorizations in the sacred sciences with top honors. His commitment to the sacred sciences began early in his life when Allah blessed him with the ability, by age 14, to complete the memorization of the Holy Quran. He completed a rigorous 6-year Alim course at Darul Uloom Zakariya, South Africa where he achieved his masters in the Islamic sciences, which included but was not limited to, language, exegesis (tafseer) and jurisprudence (fiqh). He earned authorizations in Hadith under the Grand Mufti of South Africa- Shaykh Radha-ul-Haq. Shaykh Yusuf Badat is an Ontario registered minister of religion & licensed marriage officer. He also holds a diploma in Network Administration from the Toronto School of Business.

Ustadh Dr. Shariq Lodhi


Born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, Ustadh Dr. Shariq Lodhi is currently a staff physician in the Departments of Family and Internal Medicine at Brampton Civic Hospital.  He is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, McMaster University. Ne holds a BSc. in Chemistry from McGill University as well as having completed his medical studies from Queen’s University.  In 2008, Dr. Lodhi took up traditional Islamic studies at the Islamic Society of Peel, where he studied the dars-i niẓāmī curriculum under Shaykh Omar Subedar. He graduated with a certificate of Scholar of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Literature in 2016. When not reading, studying or preparing for courses, he enjoys competitive cycling, cross country skiing and searching for the perfect latte.

Ustadh Tamseel Ahmed


Ustadh Tamseel Ahmed was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and moved to Canada in his early teens. He completed his secondary and post-secondary education in the Greater Toronto Area. He holds a bachelor in Engineering from Ryerson University, and has been working in Engineering for the last several years. In 2008, Ustadh Tamseel took up traditional Islamic studies at the Islamic Society of Peel, where he studied the dars-i niẓāmī curriculum under Shaykh Omar Subedar. He graduated with a certificate of Scholar of Islamic Sciences and Arabic Literature in 2016. Ustadh Tamseel has a tremendous passion for teaching Arabic grammar. His charisma has appealed to many young people within the Peel Region, and he continues to inspire a growing number of people through the programs he holds in the community.

Shaykh Uthman Khan

Researcher – Department of Research

His Education

Shaykh Uthman completed his ʻĀlimiyyah degree from Madrasah Taleemul Islam in the UK. He received a traditional Master’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Sciences. He also received an Academic Master’s degree from the Hartford Seminary in Muslim and Christian Relations. Other academic achievements include certificates in Adult Psychology, Accounting and Phonetics, Phonics and Phonology. All of these have helped him in enhancing his teaching style and creating an art out of the sciences of Islam and also dealing with students in a very different and unique way. He has multiple Ijazaat in manyh fields of the Islamic sciences

Shaykh Abdullah Siraaj, who is a contemporary of Shaykh Abdul Fattah Qaadhi (Author of Budūr al-Zāhirah and al-Wāfī Sharaḥ Shāṭibiyyah) says, “We only know of good from Shaykh Uthman. He is Shaykh al-Qurrā of North America. I was impressed with his Qirā-ah and was ready to give him ijāzah, and he had only recited 10 pages to me.”

Shaykh Uthman has the honor of holding two of the most valuable things in qirā-āt. Being connected to the shortest chain in the world in qirā-āt through the chain of Shaykh Khalid Barakaat as well as the highest (a’lā) chain in qirā-āt in Egypt through Shaykh Abdullah Siraaj.

His Involvement in the Community

He completed his Ḥifẓ at the age of 13 and has been leading tarāwīḥ since then. He has had the honor of leading in numerous masājid in North America and Europe, some of which include Wichita Kansas, Jacksonville Florida, Phoenix Arizona, Montreal Canada, and the UK. He has also had the honor of leading tarāwīḥ and working with world renowned Shuyūkh such as Dr Iqbal Nadvi, Dr Zulfiqar Ali Shah, and Dr Talat Sultan.

Shaykh Uthman is also well known across the world to shuyūkh of tajwīd and qirā-āt.

Shaykh Uthman has worked a lot with youth and also counsels youth in their affairs. He has graduated 60 ḥuffāẓ under him, the youngest of which was 9 years old when he finished his ḥifẓ. Hundreds of students across North America know Shaykh Uthman’s very traditional yet academic, critical and philosophical approach in teaching Islamic sciences, which include ḥadīth, tafsīr, fiqh, tajwīd, qirā-āt, etc. This approach is usually apparent in his ḥalaqāt as well.

His Research

As an advocate of research, Shaykh Uthman requires all his students to research and present opinions that have been properly established in a scholarly way. He always says, “We must perform unbiased, objective, critical and comprehensive research – and that is the only proper way to give daʻwah.”

He encourages his students, “I want you all to become the critical thinkers of our time. There is a reason why there is so much controversy in the noble sciences, and why Islam has become a religion that is not tangible anymore. Prove your point in such a way that you become distinguished in the scholarly world. The purpose of your research is not to prove what you are saying is right, but to build within yourself a critical mindset.”

Shaykh Abdullah Ayaz Mullanee

Before pursuing higher Islamic knowledge, Shaykh Abdullah Ayaz Mullanee founded Be Scene Magazine, hosted a community radio show, and led many charity and community centered initiatives. He was awarded first place for Tajwid at Mist Toronto 2009. He was also an award winning spoken word poet, with three recorded albums of Islamic poetry.
After high school, he enrolled in the seven-year Alim program at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. During his stay there, he was taken under the wing of Mawlana Abdul Quddoos al-Qasmi. Under his guidance, he received additional training in Arabic literature, translation, and oration. He was the editor-in-chief for al-Nur magazine and a regular contributor and editor for various publications. He graduated in 2015, while maintaining one of the highest scores throughout his seven-year course.
Shaykh Abdullah Ayaz Mullanee currently teaches at Khairul Ummah Academy and Anatolia Islamic Center, while conducting private classes online. He is the author of The Poetic Words of Sayyiduna Ali and Forty Ahadith and Six Points, and co-author of The True Prophetic Way of Performing Taraweeh Salah. He is passionately involved in several initiatives around Toronto and is regularly invited to speak at youth and community based events.