Mathabah Institute

Institute FAQ

The Mathabah Institute is for young adults who have the enthusiasm to learn Islam at an advanced level but are held back from doing so due to their busy lives and schedules. Courses have been designed with the convenience and accessibility of the student in mind. The institute has a clear goal of helping people enhance their Islamic knowledge so they can practice Islam in their social context and thus ascend the ranks of spirituality.

The Mathabah Institute expounds and promotes the teachings of the Ahl-Sunnah wa al-Jamā’ah.

Yes you can however, your final grade will be affected. There are in-class exercises, and group work for certain courses.

Although it would be ideal to offer these courses free of charge, the reality is that delivering quality programs comes with a cost. As long as those costs are met, the courses can continue being delivered at a standard that we can all be proud of.

Men sit in the front of the class while women sit directly behind them. There is no physical partition between them.

Class sizes are restricted to 20 students to facilitate student-teacher interaction for both males and females.

You will be required to take an assessment exam in order for the department to determine whether you are fit to enroll in the program or not. For more details please send an email to  

There is an evaluation process in place for students that may be advanced or have taken courses similar to our programs elsewhere. You must complete appropriate examination to bypass a program stream. For more information please contact us with the qualifications or courses you have taken with other institutes to be considered:

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