Mathabah Institute

Islamic Essentials Certificate


The Islamic Essentials Certificate provides a theoretical and practical understanding of Islam’s fundamental teachings. It equips students with the basic knowledge and training required to apply those teachings in their social context. It also serves as a prerequisite for other certification programs the Institute has to offer.


There are three courses in this certification program. Each course is a total of 12 two hour lessons that is delivered twice a week. Courses can be taken at a students pace in any sequence they desire. Certification will be granted upon the successful completion of all three courses.


Shaykh Abdullah Ayaz Mullanee

Ustadh Tamseel Ahmed



Islamic Foundations – Begins April 3, 2017


Islamic Foundations – Begins September 5, 2017


Spiritual Dimensions – Begins October 24, 2017

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Footsteps of the Messenger – Begins March 25, 2017


Islamic Foundations – Begins October 28, 2017


Islamic Foundations

In this course, students will cover the beliefs of Islam and their premise. They will also have the contemporary objections on Islamic beliefs posed by post modern society addressed and answered. This will be followed by studying the various dimensions of ritual purification and ritual prayer along with being given practical training on how to perform them with efficiency.

The Footsteps of the Final Messenger mohamed_peace_be_upon_him

A course dedicated to studying the biography of the Beloved Messenger mohamed_peace_be_upon_him to understand the context of the Qur’an. A unique method not offered anywhere else.

The Spiritual Dimensions of Islam

This course covers the social and moral etiquettes of Islam. It trains students on how to be positive in all circumstances, and inspire positive change in their environment.